Monday, 13 August 2012

serenity now

At the Designers Remix SS13 show I couldn't get my eyes away from the lady in the front row, later I found out she is the legendary danish fashion journalist Didder Rønlund. I saw her the previous night at the Henrik Vibskov show, too. It was so packed and loud, but she was wearing this serene smile of a connoisseur, feeling right at home. She is 86. Oh, the stories and tips (and Chanels) she could share! 

V avli Kraljevega gledališča nisem pričakovala njenih z osami popikanih ustnic, potem pa kar naenkrat, o, glej, Lindsey Wixson. Danke so tako visokorasle, leponoge in lepoglave, da sem do Lindsey začutila le mini girl crush, ali pa je bila za to kriva njena Designers Remix toaleta.

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