Sunday, 22 April 2012

the right time for next season

After Philips fashion week FW12 I had to do a fashion detox, make two giant steps back and rethink all that we have seen strolling down the catwalk. The blinding lights and the loud music can sometimes make things a) appear much more covetable than they really are or b) less powerful because they lack that first impression presence. Some things are made for showing (off) others for wearing (in). That is why I accepted the invitation to see some of the pieces designed by Natasa Persuh and Zoran Garevski up close. Shown on the first three photos are coats by Natasa Persuh, the strongest element in the collection. 'I could see you in that blue one,' said R* (click here to see it on the runway) and how right he was, it is soft and strict at the same time, much like the first impression I wanna give to people. It is just the right kind of blue that doesn't make you look pale in winter and gives a bit of warmth to the complexion. The second one (on the runway) is actually a black jacket and a blue coat in one, a perfect manly piece that you can throw over anything and look put together and sober (even over a one-too-many cocktail dress). The collection, surprisingly, didn't make a statement out of recycled fur but a tool. The subtle patchwork was repeated on the dresses. Persuh has already played with the idea of fur for the Maison Margiela exhibition but this time made it real. On the runway the black patent leather belt looked like a strip of industrial tape, very MMM like. And than there is the Zoran Garevski man's double-breasted jacket that I lovingly call The Croco, which looks great on a tomboy. I was surprised how raw it looks in person, not an uptight jacket at all, it would even survive a bus ride. On Friday night I was already missing the blue coat in my wardrobe.

Kako super, da lahko pri nas smuknem v sample size številko, no, ja, vsaj pri jaknah in plaščih (sem poskusila tudi pri londonskih, a je bila edina stvar, ki sem jo spravila nase, brezrokavnik). Po vsem trudu, ki so ga oblikovalci vložili v svoje delo, je prav, da ga spoznamo še na obešalniku, ga pobožamo, položimo na ramena, vržemo na roko, se raznežimo ob podlogi in spregledanem detajlu. Takole razstavljeni, brez teles, ki bi jih podpirala, so na nek čuden način še bolj privlačni: lepi in prazni. Po enkratni aferi z žarometi ne smejo biti že has-beens, zvezdniško življenje se za njih šele začenja.

Se nadaljuje ...


  1. vsi ljubijo modro. modromodro.

  2. jaz sploh nimam sreče s sample size! vse mi je prevelko. z izjemo jakne od rocca. zdaj bomo očitno tri punce nosile isti model jakne. :D čudovito!

  3. ah, bo bo treba presedlat na h.couture, alpa ne hodit ven v Mestu;)