Wednesday, 25 April 2012

here's rocco

It felt like Slovenian fashion forgot all about the girl, enviously young, long-legged, with nothing to do but stop traffic with her adorable assemble. Yes, spoiled and fun, we are talking about fashion, but still very well behaved. Ivan Rocco, part of the Young@Squat collective, brought her back, even better, invented her. That is probably why his FW12 collection got so much attention, everyone wanted to take that girl out, it's been long overdue. What attracted me was the combination of Brazilian hippy vibe that is quite summery, and the puffy jacket, reminiscent of a typical look of everyone growing up in Yugoslavia. How hot and how cold of her. Can't wait to see this Ivan Rocco girl growing up (see the jackets on the runway and, yes, on girls, here and here). 

Če ti je ime Ivan Rocco, najbrž moraš početi kaj takšnega, zaradi česar bodo ljudje izgovarjali tvoje ime z občudovanjem. Dobro bi ga bilo videti na etiketi. V Squatu smo njegovo retro kolekcijo z obešalnikov jemale kar štiri naenkrat, bundic z lakastimi ovratniki pač ne srečaš kar tako.

Se nadaljuje ...