Wednesday, 28 December 2011

first edition

–... and besides, there are no men without tragedies, there is only what you believe. Everything is costume. Everything seems the way you see it on the street, unconcerned, ambling along the pedestrian crossing of appearance. Everything smells of rules, and keeps its secret. (Henri Matisse)

With Chanel it is like a groundhog Christmas, maybe because of all the pearls, I really can't say, but in my head it is always snowing in the chanelland. The book was a gift I hunted down on eBay after seeing the crazy prices they were asking for it at Netaporter. I love it that it was a Christmas gift to someone's mama in 1975.

Šele dobro sem oslinila prste pa že vidim, da Karl in Gabrielle še naprej na debelo lažeta o svojem poreklu, torej je to très Chanel, vsaj toliko kot vražja tvidasta jakna ali preštepana usnjača.

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