Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Last week I went to Squat to be the first to see the SS12 collections and try on those fab Natasa Persuh shirts. I almost went for this golden stunner but of course in the end sticked to the blue one wich I have sworn to get on my twitter (I can't lie on twitter, right?). The great thing about the collars is that you can mix and mismatch them. The blue shirt with the creamy-golden collar looked very CdG. The sexy 'zebras' from Garevski remind me a little bit of Acne, so the Scandinavian-Slovenian affair looks very promising, we should do that more often. You know, interbreed. With tall Swedes.

Morali bi nas videti, kako Z*, N* in M* skupinsko poskušamo oversizane šilte.  Meni seveda niso hoteli na glavo (okej, zdaj veste, nimam sample size glave). Veste pa tudi, kdo bo DCMU napravil srajčico. Kmalu.

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