Saturday, 8 October 2011

one thing on my mind

If there is one thing that got stronger in the last month of fashion weeks its the need to get paisley into my life, fast and over the top. It is so very wrong if you do not know how to do it right, the dress by Carven is very right.

Kako za vraga rečemo po slovensko temu polžkastemu paisley vzorcu? B* pravi kašmirski. Povsod sem ga videvala, na Alexi Chung, na Stellini reviji, na kravatah modno nič hudega slutečih stričkov. Seveda bi ga nosila paisley na paisley na paisley, na pižamast način.


  1. Jap, v začetku devedesetih smo mu rekli kašmirski in ga nosili na pajkice in moške čevlje :I
    Mladosti ludosti.

  2. zara does paisley - couple of blouses :) have you seen it?

  3. Ana, I know! Love the prints, hate the fabric. The shirts make that itchy&scratchy sound that screams cheap and I know I will be all smelly by the end of the day.