Wednesday, 7 September 2011

copenhagen, you're the end, gone and made me a child again

The mix of photos reminds me of a vintage Missoni Henrik Vibskov cardigan, too much going on but somehow it works. Of course Copenhagen is not as colorful and tacky, the people of Denmark are notoriously afraid of bad taste. I had a very brief affair with Copenhagen (VERY brief, it lasted 24 hours tops) when I was young and foolish and desperately seeking some form of good taste gone bad. In the bitter end I declared the city was too cold for summer and fled to Nice (what? It only took me 18 hours by train). Older, wiser, I returned and fell for it like Scott Walker in that Copenhagen song. Not only because they had everything in my size still on summer sale but mostly because the girls are tall, long-legged and always on bikes (note to myself: stop walking, start riding bikes) generously giving the visitors a possibility to sneak a peek under their short skirts. The three boutiques you must visit are Henrik Vibskov that you can see on the second photo, concept store Wood Wood, which just moved to a new location and Times Up for a very edited vintage selection. If you are one hungry vegan, then go to Green Sushi or if you are in the mood for brunch and scrambled tofu (always!) try Kalaset, you can pick up chocolate croissants just around the corner at Naturbageriet. Have a beer, no, have two right at the river banks. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art can feel a bit like a theme park but the surrounding nature is so beautiful and being trapped in a little room with the lightshow piece by polka-dot lover Yayoi Kusama (yes, Marc Jacobs adores her) quite magical.

Mimo mene sta švignila Roger Moore in nekaj dni kasneje še Helena Christensen, Anywho punc pa nisem videla niti na presni pici. Hm, mogoče pa se naslednjič prijavim na njihov fashion week.