Saturday, 20 August 2011

made in slovenia

scanned by DCMU, photos by Mitja Božič
ELLE chose a few of the new Slovenian fashion talents and featured them in the latest issue. This is my selection of those I found most exciting and maybe even part of the Slovenian heritage. First up is Petja Zorec with a bulky sweater. Everyone that does knits - respect.  It also reminds me of the good old days of Rašica. The deer inspired the Sanija Reja collection and if you don't know it yet, the deer are quintessential to the Slovenian culture, they are part of the establishment; as we don't have crowns, we decided to go for the deer horns. Just think Laibach. So, dear, if you don't dig deer you will never get the attention of the Ministry of Culture. Next up is Anja Dragan that made this Margiela like hair jacket, I have no idea how it works in real life, but on the pose in the photo it looks a winner (a real Man Repeller), I see no connection with typical Slovenian ways of life here but would totally get me of my I-want-violet-hair obsession. Best for last, the sublime creation by Peter Movrin which just shows that we do good black, we do good drama. As much as I don't like a pink elephant in the room, I would love to have this black elephant very near me and not be overwhelmed by it but just take it to a bistro for a coca cola. How would that Movrin jacket get on with my skinny jeans?

Če je tole ogrevanje za ljubljanski fashion week, potem bo še zanimivo. Morda si bomo celo škrabljali v beležke, kateri look bo prihodnjo sezono pristal v naši omari in ne samo v editorialu. Na ulice z njimi!

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