Wednesday, 12 January 2011

honey, I shrunk the bag

It's official, my bag is over and out. Don't get me wrong, we had our times and we still love each other but we are not in love with each other. And you have to be in love with your bag as you spend more time with it than with your hubby. It is oh so complicated finding the new perfect bag. At least now I know that I want the kind that would stand next to a definition of what a bag is supposed to be. Smaller, well built, boxy, with compartments (I really missed them). Like the Miu Miu ones Style Bubble and Hanelli are carrying around or the structured Proenza Schouler PS11 on the photo. Do you think the crush would last?

Ne morem več prenašati te potovalke, mi je ušlo zadnjič v Štirki. Že zdavnaj sem si priznala, da nisem nomadka, zgolj rezidentka, in da potemtakem res ne rabim drugega kot majhno besno usnjačo. Pa še hrbet me boli od prenašanja reči, za katere mi ni jasno, kako lahko toliko tehtajo na kupu in tako malo, če so vsaka zase. Dovolj imam tudi kopanja po malhi, da bi ven potegnila kuli, prste bi rada sprehodila skozi torbico kot medicinska sestra skozi kartoteke.

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  1. oh I agree so much with big "bastard" bags! I love them but as you said I can't make love with them anymore! .)