Saturday, 4 December 2010

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photos by Jak & Jil, The Sartorialist
To illustrate what I want to say about Jak & Jil and The Sartorialist I thought I would just put next to each other the two latest photos from their blog, but right now that would mean showing you a) a girl smoking a cigarette and b) a girl wearing a fur coat, two activities that keep the 'that's not fashionable' debate going and going. Then I searched for the photos where they picked the same subject but shot it in a different way. That's how I ended up with the girls on vespas (and also I have a thing for vespas).
I've been reading Georges Perec book Species of Spaces and other Pieces and came across his thoughts on the big F. As a person obsessed with things and stuff fashion fascinated him, he even wrote for Vogue Hommes. His thoughts on the subject so beautifully define the similarity and the difference between the way Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman communicate fashion. The first being on the lookout for the accessories, the Bag, the signs. And the second all about the mood, the attitude, the gesture.

– There is nothing much to be gained from putting fashion in the dock. Fashion exists, that we know. It is made and unmade, manufactured and distributed, it is consumed. It enters into the majority of our daily activities. All the phenomena of fashion converge on one elementary recognition: that fashion produces neither objects nor facts, but only signs, points of reference to which a collectivity can attach itself. The one question then is this: why do we need this signs? Or, if you prefer: can we not look elsewhere for them? (Georges Perec on what could be the Jak & Jil motivation)

– The opposite of the fashionable obviously isn't the unfashionable. It can only be what is present, what is there, anchored, permanent, resistant, inhabited. The object and its memory, being and its history. It's not much use going or seeking to go against the fashion. All that we can seek to do perhaps is to be to one side of it, in a place where the exclusions imposed by the very fact of fashion (in fashion/out of fashion) cease to pertain. This could happen simply by the attention we give to a garment, to a colour, to a gesture, by the pleasure merely of a shared taste, in the secret serenity of a custom, a history, an existence. (Georges Perec on what could be the Sartorialist effect)

Prav zaželela sem si nekaj krepkih besed o modi, nekaj, česar hudo primanjkuje v tem fotkastem času in v slovenskem prostoru. O čem sploh govorimo, ko govorimo o modi? O čem pišemo, ko pišemo modo?

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