Wednesday, 29 December 2010


photos by  stylebubble
– A woman dressed by Chanel back in the twenties and the thirties - like a woman dressed by Balenciaga in the fifties and sixties - walked into a room and had a dignity, an authority, a thing beyond a question of taste. (Diana Vreeland)

I know today this would probably be true for the woman dressed by Elbaz but, come on, the Balenciaga SS11 collection is so exquisite I have to go for the woman dressed by Ghesquière.

Še koga zanima, kako se bo tega lotila naša prijateljica Zara?

Monday, 20 December 2010

at the tip of my fingers

– But what Elsie had was something else that's particulary American - an appreciation of vulgarity. Vulgarity is a very important ingredient in life. I'm a great believer in vulgarity - if it's got vitality. A little bad taste is like a splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste - it's hearty, it's healthy, it's physical. I think we could use more of it. No taste is what I'm against. (Diana Vreeland)

I've once contacted Sophy (the It nail girl at all the major shows) just because I loved the manicure she has done for a shoot and she was nice enough to get back to me with the name of the nail vernis she used. Sophy Robson is not American, she is British but, oh boy, does she love hooker nails. I am of course not in a line of work where I could have 90s badass nails, I type way too much. So I went for a softy and just dipped the tips of my nails in some old Chanel Kaleidoscope. One day I will go for a full Giles ss11.

Ne hodim na manikiro, nimam potrpljenja pa tudi nikoli ne dobim kaj takega, česar ne bi zmogla sama doma. Drsenje čopiča je zelo terapevtsko. Če nimam brezhibno popleskanih nohtov,  je najbrž nekaj narobe z mano. Srebrna francoska manikira je izi bizi in ravno prav decembrska.

PST: Težko je fotkati svoje roke, da ne izpadejo kot šape Maruče s kristali.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

cut me up like a pro

elleuk scan, recut by DCMU
We all have our own thing that makes us go OMG when we flip the pages of the magazine, most go crazy for the editorials, me, I start clapping my hands real fast when I see something like this. It is so hard to be creative with the runway photos, I mean we have seen it all, and of course it is what makes a magazine look glossy or cheap. The juxtaposition of the models, the sizes, the cutting. ELLEuk 01/2011 did a fantastic job mixing up different runway images and putting them together in one girl. Genius. Can you guess which designers were cut up to create the looks?

Rešitve, ki nič ne stanejo, so najboljše, še posebej, če delaš z hudo omejenim budgetom, na kratko, če delaš kakršnokoli revijo. Ko oddam članek, komaj čakam, da vidim, kako bo stran postavljena, česa se bodo punce domislile, kateri kos bomo 'razpalile'. Razen v ELLE in v Kultu (kjer sem jim vedno priskrbela fotomaterial) nisem bila s tem, kako je članek izpadel, nikoli čisto zadovoljna. Komaj čakam, da se D* vrne in jo navdušim za razkosanje manekenk. Nekaj mi pravi, da bo v tem uživala.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

take me for a ride

This takes me back, way back. To the seaside, with my brother on the backseat, being nauseous all the time, being happy all the time. I don't drive a car but If I did I would like to go for an old fart like this one.

Najprej je bil rumen, potem je prišel bel, oba sta bila prepojena s cigaretami. Morda zato ne kadim. Morda ne vozim, ker še vedno upam, da bom živela v mestu s podzemno. Ali sredi ničesar, kjer se bom skupaj s štirinajstletniki naokrog podila brez izpita.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

the army of chloé

– My biggest fashion extravagance to this day was buying whole collections by Chloé and Marc Jacobs. (Courtney Love in ELLEuk)

I have no fashion extravagance to speak of, besides buying a few pairs of shoes way too small for my feet, but I think that's another story. I definitely wouldn't mind owning the whole Chloé fw10 collection, hell, I would even settle for one piece and even that would be extravagant.

Gospodična Love bi v primeru požara še vedno zagrabila Kurtove pižame in jopice, sploh si ne morem predstavljati, da bi tip kadarkoli nosil karkoli drugega. A je? No, saj bi Chloé kolekcijo tudi jaz nosila na zelo pižamast način, z njo ne bi bila prav nič damska. Včasih bi jo nosila tudi z ne sveže opranimi lasmi.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

salty winter

Don't you hate it how with snow there always comes salt? My combat boots went totally pussy on me this Friday night somewhere between the gin&tonic and playing table tennis in the Museum of Modern Art. So today I have been clicking through how-to guides and in the end got rid of salty tears with vinegar. However, I don't think it's recommendable treating your leather shoes like salad, at least not too often. And my boots are survivors, I found them in London in a second hand store. They are from Ann Demeulemeester fw03 collection famously worn by Nicole Kidman in an Irving Penn editorial for the September issue of US Vogue in 2003.

Moj čevljar ni pretirano navdušen nad tem, kako negujem svoje čevlje. Najbrž zato, ker jih ne. Ne upam si jih loščiti, saj se mi vedno zdi, da po tem ne bodo več isti, da se bodo malo bolj svetili in tako pokvarili ves svoj videz. Moji čevlji garajo skupaj z mano, brez nočne kreme. Na koncu sezone jih ubožce le peljem v spa, k čevljarju, od koder se vselej vrnejo preporojeni. Jutri bom vseeno raje obula gumijaste škornje, drgniti slane madeže na Annicah z alkoholnim kisom je bilo malo preveč celo zame.

PST: Zavedam se, da lahko v njih nevarno spominjam na 'apokaliptične gentlemane'.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

things and stuff

photos by Jak & Jil, The Sartorialist
To illustrate what I want to say about Jak & Jil and The Sartorialist I thought I would just put next to each other the two latest photos from their blog, but right now that would mean showing you a) a girl smoking a cigarette and b) a girl wearing a fur coat, two activities that keep the 'that's not fashionable' debate going and going. Then I searched for the photos where they picked the same subject but shot it in a different way. That's how I ended up with the girls on vespas (and also I have a thing for vespas).
I've been reading Georges Perec book Species of Spaces and other Pieces and came across his thoughts on the big F. As a person obsessed with things and stuff fashion fascinated him, he even wrote for Vogue Hommes. His thoughts on the subject so beautifully define the similarity and the difference between the way Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman communicate fashion. The first being on the lookout for the accessories, the Bag, the signs. And the second all about the mood, the attitude, the gesture.

– There is nothing much to be gained from putting fashion in the dock. Fashion exists, that we know. It is made and unmade, manufactured and distributed, it is consumed. It enters into the majority of our daily activities. All the phenomena of fashion converge on one elementary recognition: that fashion produces neither objects nor facts, but only signs, points of reference to which a collectivity can attach itself. The one question then is this: why do we need this signs? Or, if you prefer: can we not look elsewhere for them? (Georges Perec on what could be the Jak & Jil motivation)

– The opposite of the fashionable obviously isn't the unfashionable. It can only be what is present, what is there, anchored, permanent, resistant, inhabited. The object and its memory, being and its history. It's not much use going or seeking to go against the fashion. All that we can seek to do perhaps is to be to one side of it, in a place where the exclusions imposed by the very fact of fashion (in fashion/out of fashion) cease to pertain. This could happen simply by the attention we give to a garment, to a colour, to a gesture, by the pleasure merely of a shared taste, in the secret serenity of a custom, a history, an existence. (Georges Perec on what could be the Sartorialist effect)

Prav zaželela sem si nekaj krepkih besed o modi, nekaj, česar hudo primanjkuje v tem fotkastem času in v slovenskem prostoru. O čem sploh govorimo, ko govorimo o modi? O čem pišemo, ko pišemo modo?

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


photos by Ekoas
Hope that the charming Ekoas will not get bored of taking my photos too soon. I'll understand if Valerija Kelava comes along but until then... It's hard work living up to expectations, especially if you are a girl like me, forever faithful to one pair of new shoes for the season.

Večer. Včeraj. Več. Četudi brez kozarca rdečega vina. (Sem pa danes za kosilo ob kosilu spila dva kozarca Jakončičeve Caroline, ki mi še kar naprej viha ustnice.)