Monday, 22 November 2010

anja mlakar ss11

It's nice to have superwomen for friends. They push you to your limits so you can keep up with them. And in the process you become super yourself. My undoubthfully most talented friend the London based Anja Mlakar has designed her second collection. Spring looks pretty super to me. And kind of a seller. I love how she took the minimalistic elements and had some fun with them. God, she is so much fun. Miss her. Would I miss her less in one of her coats?

Nisem najboljša prijateljica. Premalokrat pokličem. Nisem na facebooku. Kljub temu mi nekako uspe, da se decembra dobimo in potem kot da ne bi minilo 15 let. In smo spet Ledinčanke in so njeni kodri.

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