Monday, 27 September 2010

on my way back to the office

photo by Ekoas
Mr. Ekoas caught me on my dressed-up day, thank you for that and for noticing my cheek bones. Wearing Acne jacket, Oktober dress and tote, Max&Co. clogs.

Čopova ni več varna, zdaj veste. Ko bi pre-fall Marni vzdušje kar trajalo in trajalo.

Monday, 20 September 2010


photo by Fulvio Grissoni
This is the photo from the first apartment I hunted down  for ELLE DEKOR in Trieste and it landed on the cover. One thing I should confess is that I am not really an indoor person, interiors are just a waste of space, right? The words 'I was cheating fashion with furniture' will never come out of this mouth (yes, I am using lines from SATC2). But then again I don't especially like clothes and love writing about/around them. I don't get a rush from watching the shoots of apartments in the magazines. That's probably why The Selby is such a hit, he dirtied up the spaces with people, with lots and lots of stuff, in one word: with living. The same thing happened with style blogs, they took the editorials and the samples out on the streets and again dirtied them up. The place on the photo is something special because it is so undone, a masterwork in progress. Everything is dirty if it's done right.

Rada prespim v mestih, v katere ponavadi samo skočimo. V Trstu, v Zagrebu, v Mariboru. Rada spim naokrog. (Kako umazano to zveni.)

Monday, 6 September 2010

lady of the rings

I spend too much time typing away my days to wear jewellery. You have to make time to wear it, you have to have a life and velvety skin. And I hate the sound it makes when I am wearing it, I think I make it so unmelodic. This ring is crazy, organic, alive, nothing says bite me like a piece of universe on you middle finger. Check out the Billy Bride collection.

Malo sem mačkasta, kar tako, brez alkohola. Res bi rabila eno skalo na roki, ki bi me spravila na tla. Ali bi imela vsakič, ko bi snela ta prstan občutek, da se mi je odvalil kamen s srca?