Tuesday, 1 June 2010

heavy industrie

I've received the Diana Vreeland book D. V. as a gift and haven't even opened it yet, I am planning to do that with sand all around me, wet hair down the back and some Italian screaming 'guarda, guarda!' Who cares if I'll be  in a H&M swimsuit, my attitude will be shouting back at the Italian guy 'Missoni Mare, Missoni Mare!' But what I am looking for right now is the 1st issue of the Industrie. It was about time somebody did this kind of niche magazine, the backstage of fashion is right now more rock'n'roll than, well, rock'n'roll. Who is who, who does what. And what I like best about fashion mags and don't get enough of: long, thick articles. If anyone knows where I could find a copy do let me know, Colette has already put up the sold out sign.

Vsi Pradaljubci morate prebrati članek o Patriziu Bertelliju v WSJ, če ga slučajno še niste. Sama se bom lotila Alberja iz še ene serije zakulisnih debat The Future of Fashion na Style.com. Pravzaprav ga že zdaj pogledujem. Kot pravi, The best traveling you do is from your couch while you eat potato chips. Pa naj jedo čips!


  1. tale mala knjigarna na obrobju Marais-ja bi znala imeti revijo, ker imajo tudi Gentlewoman in Fantastic man in cel kup drugih bolj obskurnih fashion revij

  2. OMG, izgleda orgazmično. http://vimeo.com/12103876 Če dobim, vzamem še zate (in obratno). I like magazine dilerstvo.