Sunday, 2 May 2010

ashes to ashes, tooth to tooth

How were your holidays? I had to postpone mine. First there was the ash panic and then I got a terrible toothache. The oddest thing is that a few nights before the tooth situation I was watching the movie Kynodontas, Dogtooth, where the tooth falling out and growing back has a really special place in the life of an isolated family, where a salt shaker is called a telephone and a cunt a big lamp and where airplanes are constantly falling down into the backyard. It's one of those movies you should see in a combo with Haneke's Der siebente Kontinent and Ursula Meier's Home and then start raising your family or just stay alone with your cat. But my week was not all painkillers and baby food. I did go to Zagreb, Croatia, for a lunch - I am a total sucker for the Nova restaurant, they are just so over the top with their vegan ideas, how comforting it is to have a chance to eat a juicy meat-free steak in this part of Europe? I also went on a little hunt for a magazine somebody special asked about but ended up with the new Fantastic Man - yes, I adore Zagreb and the girls are so tall there. And just one more thing, we rebooked the flight to Stockholm, M* picked a date out of the blue, in the end it looks like we will be in town for their Fashion Week!

Moj zob, ki mu M* pravi zomb (mimogrede, zombi v filmu Kynodontas pravijo majhni rumeni cvetki), me je peljal na neverjetno avanturo: začela se je v zdravstvenem domu, naslednji dan se je nadaljevala na urgenci, potem pri moji zobozdravnici, zvečer še pri zobozdravniku pod blokom, nato kirurgu in končala doma pri hipi zobarju. Oba potrebujeva počitnice.


  1. Fantastic Man v Zagrebu? Kje?! I'm all ears.

  2. Lep izbor se najde v knjigarni Algoritam na Gajevi 1. Le ne sprašuj po srbski Elle, sploh dan potem, ko Partizan premaga Cibono.

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