Monday, 19 April 2010

comfort video

I had quite a weird day today and it's not even over yet. Me gloomy, thank you very much. And I have been confusing y and z, so annoying switching from mac to pc and back. So I thought I should post this video and maybe it will put me in a better mood. I saw Lou Doillon at the party I mentioned from the previous post and have been pinching Vanessa Bruno clothes in all the shops, do check out the cape, it would made me a wonder woman even tonight.

Pravzaprav je bil že ves vikend nekam nepravi in jaz sem tako mlačna (in lačna). Vse kaže, da tudi tokrat ne bo nič od majskih počitnic, že sedmo leto po vrsti mi ne bo uspelo. Še dobro, da je v mestu vsaj pomlad.

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