Saturday, 27 March 2010

their girl friday

I spent the rainy morning flipping through some of the things I've written over the years and came across this three stunners. Do you remember how nice it was when bloggers were not yet celebrities? I did this Q&A a few years ago with Jane, Rumi and Mireia, these days I am trying to get in touch with some other bloggers and it takes ages to get their reply. The girls have too much mail. The girls need an assistant. It is because of Tracy, his girl Friday, that it is easier to get to Sartorialist, though not as easy as back in the days. How can we be nostalgic about the way things were three years ago? It's way too soon, snap out of it!

Prebirati stvari za nazaj je včasih tako boleče kot listati fotoalbum, jajks, kaj sem pri trinajstih mislila s tisto srebrno bundo in zakaj smo pred desetimi leti nosili toliko makeupa? Ko sem naletela na ta članek, pa me je prevzel nek iiii in oooo občutek, ah, zadnji meseci 08, Berlin, Berlin, Berlin.

PST: His Girl Friday je eden mojih all time favorite filmov, klasika screwball komedije, ljubkovalno ji pravim tudi Moja bivša se poroči, ker me My Best Friend's Wedding vedno spomni nanj. Uf, še en odličen double bill.

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