Friday, 19 March 2010

the mock croc

Being mad about the now already last season's DVN collection didn't bring me any colors in the wardrobe. But in the end (there was only one left) I had to give a nice home to the mock croc. M* has come up with a whole story about the life of a mock crocodile, how they had to make this mechanical creature and cover it with mock skin, release it into the wild and then hunt it down and make a jacket out of it. Well I do appreciate it when things turn out so beautiful without too much suffering; a little suffering goes a long way.

Ha, kako hecno je bilo videti, kje so pravzaprav vzgojili mojega umetnega krokodila. Dries Van Noten je made in Slovenia. Moram malo raziskati, kdo točno dela za njih. Vrnila sem ga torej v domači habitat. Bravo, jaz.

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  1. Ha, evolucija krokodila. Od mlake do tlake. Za Van Notna namreč šivajo v Muri ...