Tuesday, 30 March 2010

black and gold

photo by Fulvio Grissoni, makeup Maja Šušnjara, styling Nina Jagodic
I was having a long talk with myself before posting this photo as Ii is not really a photo of me. I never do this kind of dramatic full-on make up and I also never put Lara Bohinc necklace on my head, no, not even on a really crazy night, I like keeping it close to the heart. Well, maybe this is just an introduction of me posting real pics of real me. But I would love to have this super straight-out-of-the-magazine skin, thanks for the touch ups, Ajda Horvat!

Fotografija je iz lepotnega editoriala za revijo Story nekaj številk nazaj. Pred časom so me povabili tudi na fotkanje mode, ampak do tistih materialov mi ni uspelo priti. Ne vem, zakaj se ne otresem tega dark slovesa, ko sem pa v resnici tako zelo au naturel, z malo ličil in veliko las.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

their girl friday

I spent the rainy morning flipping through some of the things I've written over the years and came across this three stunners. Do you remember how nice it was when bloggers were not yet celebrities? I did this Q&A a few years ago with Jane, Rumi and Mireia, these days I am trying to get in touch with some other bloggers and it takes ages to get their reply. The girls have too much mail. The girls need an assistant. It is because of Tracy, his girl Friday, that it is easier to get to Sartorialist, though not as easy as back in the days. How can we be nostalgic about the way things were three years ago? It's way too soon, snap out of it!

Prebirati stvari za nazaj je včasih tako boleče kot listati fotoalbum, jajks, kaj sem pri trinajstih mislila s tisto srebrno bundo in zakaj smo pred desetimi leti nosili toliko makeupa? Ko sem naletela na ta članek, pa me je prevzel nek iiii in oooo občutek, ah, zadnji meseci 08, Berlin, Berlin, Berlin.

PST: His Girl Friday je eden mojih all time favorite filmov, klasika screwball komedije, ljubkovalno ji pravim tudi Moja bivša se poroči, ker me My Best Friend's Wedding vedno spomni nanj. Uf, še en odličen double bill.

Friday, 19 March 2010

the mock croc

Being mad about the now already last season's DVN collection didn't bring me any colors in the wardrobe. But in the end (there was only one left) I had to give a nice home to the mock croc. M* has come up with a whole story about the life of a mock crocodile, how they had to make this mechanical creature and cover it with mock skin, release it into the wild and then hunt it down and make a jacket out of it. Well I do appreciate it when things turn out so beautiful without too much suffering; a little suffering goes a long way.

Ha, kako hecno je bilo videti, kje so pravzaprav vzgojili mojega umetnega krokodila. Dries Van Noten je made in Slovenia. Moram malo raziskati, kdo točno dela za njih. Vrnila sem ga torej v domači habitat. Bravo, jaz.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

i am beige

Have you heard? We are all turning thirty next year. Well, at least in fashion years that is. We are going to be all pastels and professional saloon blow-dried Charlie’s Angels hair. High maintenance minimalism is a tough look to keep. In London I saw the trailer for I am Love (by the way, it is impossible to find it, if you have a link to a hi-res version, please let me know) just before seeing A Single Man and felt robbed for the possibility of a fabulous double bill: A Single man and I am Love, now that's a movie night to remember. The frocks Tilda is wearing were designed by Raf Simons for Jil Sander and again I am feeling the 'I'm thirty going on forty' vibe going on. The movie will give us Vertigo all over again. Now all I need is to brush my hair and brush up my Italian.

Prihodnje leto bom stara trideset in bom spet oh, so in fashion. Nekje vmes so trideseta izginila iz modnega vokabularja, no sex no city, zdaj so nazaj. Na nek čuden način mi ugaja biti starejša, morda zato, ker me baby fat končno zapušča in so moje ličnice čedalje bolj ostre. Morda zato, ker sem mahnjena na starejše ženske in bom zdaj končno ena izmed njih. Ko sem videla prve kadre predfilma Io sono l'amore, sem lahko mislila le še na Hitchcocka in Vrtoglavico ter takoj zatem na to, da moram spolirati svoj imidž. Končno bomo rekli adijo models off duty looku Alexandra Wanga in kovice bodo pogoltnili koti na dnu omare.

Update: here is love in hi-res.

Friday, 12 March 2010

boots that were made for walking about but not for talking about

Everyone is into Chanel clogs, yes they will be remembered as the shoes of the summer of 2010. I am still processing the whole clogs thing (I believe that if you don't go all the way with Chanel or Céline, the only other option is to go for last season MMM, although Marni has been doing clog-ish shoes for quite some time too and those can be hunted down for a fair price). I do like the other piece of Chanel footwear no one is talking about: the granny-like boots from the ads with the awkward heel. And I would definitely go bananas for a piece of a quilted ankle boot from the photo. Perfect, practical but oh so super chic it hurts my eye.

"Lepo pozdravljeni, sporočamo vam, da so sandali prišli in da vas čakajo!" Halo, ravnokar gazim po snegu, zdaj pa naj grem po sandale? Seveda sem šla. Še bolj hecno od tega, da so v izložbah sandali, pred njimi pa kupčki snega, je, da ko sem prosila za drugo številko, ni bilo nobenega para več, razgrabljeno, zima jih je vzela. Med nami, niso bili popolni, niti blizu, tako da se zaradi tega nisem metala po snegu. Bi se pa za zgornje chanelke. Nikdar nimam potrpljenja, da bi šla v njihov butik in pričela probavati parček za parčkom, toliko časa ne morem držati pokerske face. Element stare mame na njih mi zelo ustreza, zadnje čase sem mahnjena na te čudne pete, praktične pete, oksimoron, vem. V slovenščini quilted ne zveni niti pol tako hočem-met in prav nič chanelasto.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

the lady is a tramp

picture via Fantastic Man
Today a petite girl was born and I am pretty sure she will be a gentlewoman when she grows up. I am superexcited that Fantastic Man now has a mistress with which he can swap shirts and body lotions and witty remarks. It's like putting Kate Hepburn next to Cary Grant! Who can decide which to pick? As much as I appreciate a good editorial there is nothing like hearing/reading a good line. Ms. Phoebe Philo is the best possible choice for the cover (Ewan McGregor on the last Fantastic Man just felt odd), especially now that the catch phrase of the next season is officially beige, beige, beige and Céline is the label de jour of girls that met fantastic men and became women, gentlewomen.

Danes me je U* vprašala, ali nič ne kličem pomladi, da še kar naprej sneži. Kličem, kličem, ampak ima ves čas zasedeno. Dokler ne pride, bi se pokrila čez glavo in listala novo revijo The Gentlewoman, ki bo v teh dneh prišla na črno-beli svet. Pred nami so supersnobovski peščeni časi, jaz jih bom pridno packala s pomfrijem in kečapom (rdeča gre tako dobro z bež) in pivom - italijančkom, seveda, saj vendar nisem barbarka.

Monday, 8 March 2010

you say color, i say mood

I fell head over heels for the colors at the Dries van Noten fall-winter 09 show. I could see myself wearing this each and every day - come sun come snow come midnight. And of course never forget the lipstick which I am still searching for.
At that time I opened a copy of Marie Claire (Italian #13) for the very first time. And saw the editorial shot by David Bellemere. The two girls back in the spotlight, sunlight. (Chloé pumps and the naked breast are a nice accessory.)

Pred kratkim sem imela modni intervju, za katerega sem povedala, da sem prvo modno revijo odprla pri enaindvajsetih letih, kar se mi, hvala bogu, še danes pozna. Če hočeš mislitipisatikracati modo, moraš, preden pograbiš revijo, početi vse drugo, videti na stotine slabih filmov z dobrimi replikami, recimo. To dolgo zimo, ki kar noče spakirati kovčkov, sem tako utrujena od črne, ki jo vsak dan vlečem iz omare. Kako prav bi mi prišel pljusk barve iz kolekcije jesen-zima 09 Driesa van Notna. Beležka sebi: nujno rabim zgornji del v barvi škampa, z včerajšnim lakom bi bila odličen kombo.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Ah, it feels good when you get your hands on the bottle of pure Chanel. It's intoxicating, god forbid they would ever start doing cocktail drinks with double C. This is the privilege of living in a small city: the nail vernis everyone is talking about is not sold out, I repeat not sold out. This weekend I had all the time in the world to dip my fingers in it but haven't yet. I wonder why. It's like bringing home a new dress, it needs time to become totally mine, to surrender. Otherwise they would just eat me alive.

Bež(no)-siva. Rada se vpišem na waiting listo - če sami ne delamo pompa, ga nihče drug ne bo. Stvari takoj postanejo bolj mamljive, če obstaja za njih seznam, lestvica; če so out of stock, se grizemo, četudi zadevščine sploh nismo nameravali kupiti. V Maxiju sem jih dvakrat prosila, če me lahko pokličejo, ko dobijo Chanelovo kolekcijo, bili so tako mlačni, da me je minilo. Šla sem v Limoni. Čez nekaj dni so enega prestregli in zdaj ga imam. Particulière. Moja steklenička pomladi '10. Oh, stvari, ki jih bova skupaj natipkali!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

when in london... wear a hat

I wanted to tell you all about how everyone was wearing hats and how on the third day I just had to put mine on. Well it's not actually mine it belonged to M*'s grandfather from Sarajevo. We would have had so much to talk about me and the grandpa, him being a tailor and a little bit of a lady's man. M* is wearing his camel coat every winter and me from now on the astrakhan hat. Thanks to M*'s mother for giving it to me. So I wanted to talk about how even I got photographed a few times on that day and it was all because of, well, the thing on my head. A little credit probably should go to me cleverly wearing a trench under the coat but not on this photo. However, I was sure I would be bragging to you without a proof ... The photo of me was taken before the Matthew Williamson show by the super redheaded Géraldine of Café Mode. It's such a coincidence that I found it, I was just checking Caroline's blog where she is saying that she had her photo taken and I went clicking a few pages back and there I was. Extremely pale but still me or the London version of me at least. Please do check out the great company I was featured with, before me Net-a-porter founder Nathalie and after me Kate Lanphear. Remember next time when in London - bring a hat with you!

Blog, ki ga mnogo premalokrat preklikam, je Café Mode, tako da sploh nisem vedela, kdo je bila veličastna rdečelaska, ki me je lastnoročno izbrala iz množice pred revijo Matthewa Williamsona in me peljala čez cesto pred opečnato steno. Za vse je krivo to vintidž astrahan pokrivalo od M*jevega dedka iz Sarajeva. Rekla je samo "Can I take your picture" in "I really like your hat". Moj bog, kako sem bleda. Na isti dan so me še nekajkrat ovekovečili. Kar kuka izpod črnega plašča, je pravzaprav trenč (kakšno plastenje, ha?), ki je lahko tudi oblekica - vam ga bom nekega dne, ko pride pomlad, pokazala. V Londonu te med fashion passion ljudmi, vsemi po vrsti mahnjenimi na klobučke, nihče ne opazi, zato sem še posebej ponosna na mojo staro kapo.

PST: Hvala vsem za včerajšnji super začetni obisk in dobrodošlico - rada vidim, če me pogrešate.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

feeling blue in london

After a month of no blogging which felt like a year I am back on this new location. Everyone say Yeah! or just do jazz hands. This season I decided to check out the London fashion week, which means I have now road tested each and every one and can now move on to let's say Sweden. There is also a more heartfelt story behind my pick: I went there to see the Central Saint Martins MA show where my best friend, the fabulous and sublime Ms. Anja Mlakar, showed her women's collection. The tube dresses arouse quiet a few 'How did she do it' questions. I just love the electric Klein blue. So proud. I also love this backstage photo, backstage photos are always the best, everything just comes to life when you are flipping through the Imaxtree catalogue. Anyway, this one is from People in London.

Mesec dni stran od bloga in že sem se vrnila v novi, lepši, mlajši, trši različici. Vmes sem skočila na londonski teden mode in spet in spet ugotovila, da sem London predolgo zanemarjala, da je London cenejši kot kdajkoli prej (kar le pomeni, da je Ljubljana dražja kot kdajkoli prej), da nujno potrebuje Acne trgovino in da je moja prijateljica Anja Mlakar 'One to watch'. Like I did not know that for the last 15 years, ha!