Wednesday, 29 December 2010


photos by  stylebubble
– A woman dressed by Chanel back in the twenties and the thirties - like a woman dressed by Balenciaga in the fifties and sixties - walked into a room and had a dignity, an authority, a thing beyond a question of taste. (Diana Vreeland)

I know today this would probably be true for the woman dressed by Elbaz but, come on, the Balenciaga SS11 collection is so exquisite I have to go for the woman dressed by Ghesquière.

Še koga zanima, kako se bo tega lotila naša prijateljica Zara?

Monday, 20 December 2010

at the tip of my fingers

– But what Elsie had was something else that's particulary American - an appreciation of vulgarity. Vulgarity is a very important ingredient in life. I'm a great believer in vulgarity - if it's got vitality. A little bad taste is like a splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste - it's hearty, it's healthy, it's physical. I think we could use more of it. No taste is what I'm against. (Diana Vreeland)

I've once contacted Sophy (the It nail girl at all the major shows) just because I loved the manicure she has done for a shoot and she was nice enough to get back to me with the name of the nail vernis she used. Sophy Robson is not American, she is British but, oh boy, does she love hooker nails. I am of course not in a line of work where I could have 90s badass nails, I type way too much. So I went for a softy and just dipped the tips of my nails in some old Chanel Kaleidoscope. One day I will go for a full Giles ss11.

Ne hodim na manikiro, nimam potrpljenja pa tudi nikoli ne dobim kaj takega, česar ne bi zmogla sama doma. Drsenje čopiča je zelo terapevtsko. Če nimam brezhibno popleskanih nohtov,  je najbrž nekaj narobe z mano. Srebrna francoska manikira je izi bizi in ravno prav decembrska.

PST: Težko je fotkati svoje roke, da ne izpadejo kot šape Maruče s kristali.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

cut me up like a pro

elleuk scan, recut by DCMU
We all have our own thing that makes us go OMG when we flip the pages of the magazine, most go crazy for the editorials, me, I start clapping my hands real fast when I see something like this. It is so hard to be creative with the runway photos, I mean we have seen it all, and of course it is what makes a magazine look glossy or cheap. The juxtaposition of the models, the sizes, the cutting. ELLEuk 01/2011 did a fantastic job mixing up different runway images and putting them together in one girl. Genius. Can you guess which designers were cut up to create the looks?

Rešitve, ki nič ne stanejo, so najboljše, še posebej, če delaš z hudo omejenim budgetom, na kratko, če delaš kakršnokoli revijo. Ko oddam članek, komaj čakam, da vidim, kako bo stran postavljena, česa se bodo punce domislile, kateri kos bomo 'razpalile'. Razen v ELLE in v Kultu (kjer sem jim vedno priskrbela fotomaterial) nisem bila s tem, kako je članek izpadel, nikoli čisto zadovoljna. Komaj čakam, da se D* vrne in jo navdušim za razkosanje manekenk. Nekaj mi pravi, da bo v tem uživala.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

take me for a ride

This takes me back, way back. To the seaside, with my brother on the backseat, being nauseous all the time, being happy all the time. I don't drive a car but If I did I would like to go for an old fart like this one.

Najprej je bil rumen, potem je prišel bel, oba sta bila prepojena s cigaretami. Morda zato ne kadim. Morda ne vozim, ker še vedno upam, da bom živela v mestu s podzemno. Ali sredi ničesar, kjer se bom skupaj s štirinajstletniki naokrog podila brez izpita.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

the army of chloé

– My biggest fashion extravagance to this day was buying whole collections by Chloé and Marc Jacobs. (Courtney Love in ELLEuk)

I have no fashion extravagance to speak of, besides buying a few pairs of shoes way too small for my feet, but I think that's another story. I definitely wouldn't mind owning the whole Chloé fw10 collection, hell, I would even settle for one piece and even that would be extravagant.

Gospodična Love bi v primeru požara še vedno zagrabila Kurtove pižame in jopice, sploh si ne morem predstavljati, da bi tip kadarkoli nosil karkoli drugega. A je? No, saj bi Chloé kolekcijo tudi jaz nosila na zelo pižamast način, z njo ne bi bila prav nič damska. Včasih bi jo nosila tudi z ne sveže opranimi lasmi.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

salty winter

Don't you hate it how with snow there always comes salt? My combat boots went totally pussy on me this Friday night somewhere between the gin&tonic and playing table tennis in the Museum of Modern Art. So today I have been clicking through how-to guides and in the end got rid of salty tears with vinegar. However, I don't think it's recommendable treating your leather shoes like salad, at least not too often. And my boots are survivors, I found them in London in a second hand store. They are from Ann Demeulemeester fw03 collection famously worn by Nicole Kidman in an Irving Penn editorial for the September issue of US Vogue in 2003.

Moj čevljar ni pretirano navdušen nad tem, kako negujem svoje čevlje. Najbrž zato, ker jih ne. Ne upam si jih loščiti, saj se mi vedno zdi, da po tem ne bodo več isti, da se bodo malo bolj svetili in tako pokvarili ves svoj videz. Moji čevlji garajo skupaj z mano, brez nočne kreme. Na koncu sezone jih ubožce le peljem v spa, k čevljarju, od koder se vselej vrnejo preporojeni. Jutri bom vseeno raje obula gumijaste škornje, drgniti slane madeže na Annicah z alkoholnim kisom je bilo malo preveč celo zame.

PST: Zavedam se, da lahko v njih nevarno spominjam na 'apokaliptične gentlemane'.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

things and stuff

photos by Jak & Jil, The Sartorialist
To illustrate what I want to say about Jak & Jil and The Sartorialist I thought I would just put next to each other the two latest photos from their blog, but right now that would mean showing you a) a girl smoking a cigarette and b) a girl wearing a fur coat, two activities that keep the 'that's not fashionable' debate going and going. Then I searched for the photos where they picked the same subject but shot it in a different way. That's how I ended up with the girls on vespas (and also I have a thing for vespas).
I've been reading Georges Perec book Species of Spaces and other Pieces and came across his thoughts on the big F. As a person obsessed with things and stuff fashion fascinated him, he even wrote for Vogue Hommes. His thoughts on the subject so beautifully define the similarity and the difference between the way Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman communicate fashion. The first being on the lookout for the accessories, the Bag, the signs. And the second all about the mood, the attitude, the gesture.

– There is nothing much to be gained from putting fashion in the dock. Fashion exists, that we know. It is made and unmade, manufactured and distributed, it is consumed. It enters into the majority of our daily activities. All the phenomena of fashion converge on one elementary recognition: that fashion produces neither objects nor facts, but only signs, points of reference to which a collectivity can attach itself. The one question then is this: why do we need this signs? Or, if you prefer: can we not look elsewhere for them? (Georges Perec on what could be the Jak & Jil motivation)

– The opposite of the fashionable obviously isn't the unfashionable. It can only be what is present, what is there, anchored, permanent, resistant, inhabited. The object and its memory, being and its history. It's not much use going or seeking to go against the fashion. All that we can seek to do perhaps is to be to one side of it, in a place where the exclusions imposed by the very fact of fashion (in fashion/out of fashion) cease to pertain. This could happen simply by the attention we give to a garment, to a colour, to a gesture, by the pleasure merely of a shared taste, in the secret serenity of a custom, a history, an existence. (Georges Perec on what could be the Sartorialist effect)

Prav zaželela sem si nekaj krepkih besed o modi, nekaj, česar hudo primanjkuje v tem fotkastem času in v slovenskem prostoru. O čem sploh govorimo, ko govorimo o modi? O čem pišemo, ko pišemo modo?

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


photos by Ekoas
Hope that the charming Ekoas will not get bored of taking my photos too soon. I'll understand if Valerija Kelava comes along but until then... It's hard work living up to expectations, especially if you are a girl like me, forever faithful to one pair of new shoes for the season.

Večer. Včeraj. Več. Četudi brez kozarca rdečega vina. (Sem pa danes za kosilo ob kosilu spila dva kozarca Jakončičeve Caroline, ki mi še kar naprej viha ustnice.)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

xxl garçon

One of my favorite things is my cdg wallet. I even got over the fact that the quality is not all that great and that after only a few years of spending time (and money) together I will have to pick a younger and maybe even a brighter version. Life of a wallet can be tragic too. Anyway, I was wondering why they don't make their wallets in a maxi size (the ones on the photos are only 215 mm x 160 mm) so they could double as a clutch. I know I'd be wearing it under my arm, flashing some sartorialist-worthy green, blue or orangy.

A je že čas za predbožične namige? Darilo, s katerim ne moreš udariti mimo: katerakoli mala usnjena iz družine cdg. Ko smo že pri garçonih, na La Garçonne so razobesili znak SALE. Mimogrede, njihovi lookbooki so zelo uporabniku prijazni, karkoli se že grejo, vsakič malo pokuštrajo in pomečkajo. Pulover Wayne iz moherja, prosim, ker ne znam kupiti puloverja, ta pa je videti mehak in že malo požrt od silne ljubezni, za družbo še plašč Cacharel, recimo, ker je dedkast in ni bežkast. Dajmo, sneg, mraz, lučke!

Monday, 22 November 2010

anja mlakar ss11

It's nice to have superwomen for friends. They push you to your limits so you can keep up with them. And in the process you become super yourself. My undoubthfully most talented friend the London based Anja Mlakar has designed her second collection. Spring looks pretty super to me. And kind of a seller. I love how she took the minimalistic elements and had some fun with them. God, she is so much fun. Miss her. Would I miss her less in one of her coats?

Nisem najboljša prijateljica. Premalokrat pokličem. Nisem na facebooku. Kljub temu mi nekako uspe, da se decembra dobimo in potem kot da ne bi minilo 15 let. In smo spet Ledinčanke in so njeni kodri.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

the blue brothers

Since the Lanvin x h&m lookbook came out everyone is asking me if my shoes are from the collection. They do look alike. People in general can't get enough of them; they even make my cobbler all soft. The metallic blue is wearing off slowly and the shoes keep getting more and more silvery. With them I feel like an extra in a Fred Astaire movie. They are Sergio Rossi, bought in Berlin in one of Budapester Schuhe outlet stores where strangely enough you can find some interesting things.

Po resnici povedano nisem bila ravno navdušena nad m-o-d-r-o, zapičila sem se v parček, ki je vlekel na rdeče zlato. Še dobro, da jih niso imeli v moji številki in sem na koncu obtičala s temi. Z njihovim usnjenim podplatom najraje drsim po zlizanih stopnicah in si jih nikdar ne odvežem, le nataknem. Najbrž bi jih obula na dejt s Tadejem Zupančičem.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

my so called life

photo by Ekoas
Not so long ago, chanelling my inner Taylor Tomasi Hill. Yes, I went red. Wearing MMM coat, H&M leather top, Dries van Noten trousers, Acne shoes and M by MJ bag.

To je fotka, ki me bo spomnila, kdaj sva se z Ekoasem pofočkala. Naj rečem samo, da mi je jasno, zakaj pride v zakulisje modnih revij - prepričani so, da je eden izmed Njih. Potem pa je tukaj tudi nedelja z mojimi starši, ki so mi plašč na fotki podarili oziroma yooxnili. Moj fotr je namreč pripomnil, da je to plašč z onéjem. Ja, in to Martinov!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

lost in translation

I'd go for the hangers and the packaging. You can take the rest.

V torek sem imela priložnost, da bi odšla na Dunaj potipat kolekcijo, o kateri vsi blogajo, nekaj je prišlo vmes in sem bila tako prisiljena od T* izvleči podrobnosti. Kljub vsem oh-om in ah-om se ne grem. Od Kolekcij imam na koncu v omari le še Viktor&Rolf hlače, aja, saj res, še Stellino tulip krilce (ki ga nikoli ne oblečem) in zapestnico (ki pa jo kdaj pa kdaj le dam nase). Fast Lanvin, priznam, najbrž sem prestara zanj, za stanje v vrsti in za široko črno elastiko okrog strupeno rumene favoritke. Če pa bo G* slučaaaajno šel na ogled, ga bom prosila za sončna očala, saj obešalnikov najbrž ne bodo spustili iz rok.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

you are so odd, let's drink to that

– You see, the important thing is the rhythm. You always have rhythm in your shaking. Now a Manhattan you shake to a foxtrot. A Bronx to a two-step time. A dry martini you always shake to waltz time.

Last time I was in London I brought back just the essentials: the mag and, oh yes, the booze. With the mag I have one general concern, I know that the editor, Ms Penny Martin, is British but does that mean that the magazine has to be so, well, British? Julia Davis UK, Lukwesa Burak UK, Yoko Ono in love with UK, Meena Pathak made in UK, Cathy Dennis UK, Melissa Rigby also UK. And even I picked it up in UK. The booze is from Scotland:  Hendrick's Gin. How could I not take an interest in a gin that so shamelessly wears a tag 'It is not for everybody', it is like me in a bottle! I do believe it will leave me as tipsy as The Thin Man.

Gin tonik je ena tistih pijač, ki se je nikoli ne naveličam. Včasih mi jo je dolgčas le naročiti in ji potem rečem gingi, to pa je tudi vse. Gin Hendrick's me je prvič pustil žejno v oglasu v New Yorkerju, bil je tako cirkusantski in tako vintidž, tako Don pred Donom. Ta 'Most Unusual Gin' se ne pije z limetami ali limonami, pije se z rezinami kumarice. Še vedno ga nisem poskusila, ker čakam, da kupim tonik v majhnih steklenih stekleničkah (kot jih zraven gina postrežejo v LP). Mahnjena sem na stekleničke pepsija, tonika, guinnessa, so super 'hvala ti' darilce.

Monday, 25 October 2010

all this rain is making me thirsty

Fendi, via 
Get me some pinkish glasses pronto!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

art nouveau of shopping

This McQueen dress can now be bought in Ljubljana, yes, Ljubljana is officially McLjubljana. Yesterday the Art Nouveau building opened its old doors with something new, something that is calling itself a luxury department store: Emporium Gallery. If not prior to the Mastercard ads we all know luxury can be many many things, maybe even in a department store: the time you can take for browsing, the super glossy floor, the way you are greeted at the door and all those things you get without flashing your credit card. However, it all starts and ends with a selection, with a perfect mix and that is something this department store still needs to work on. Which Mrs and Mr Big are they trying to catch? The juxtaposition of something new and something old, high and low, the small and the huge doesn't really happen. All were sad that the Louis Vuitton deal fell through, I was sad that they didn't put Topshop in level -1. And we are still the city with no Prada. Oh my, the emperor devil is naked!

Vedela sem, da moram za to ekspedicijo poklicati BP*, dve uri in štiri kave s sojinim mlekom kasneje sva bili pripravljeni. Galerija Emporium je tako bleščeča, da so sončna očala nujna, če se po njej smukaš več kot pol ure, a očal tu ne dobiš, tudi tekočega pudra ne (ko se pod takšno lučjo uzreš v ogledalu, ti je jasno, da rabiš bolj prekriven puder in da tvoj narastek ni tako kul kot od Drew Barrymore), ne modrčka ali visokih nogavic iz kašmirja ali MJ toaletne torbice. Mar ni bistvo veleblagovnice, tudi butične, da v njej na enem mestu najdeš vse od glave do pete? Ko bodo gospe McQueenovo strganko za 1700 evrov vlekle nase, od kod bodo prodajalke potegnile opak nogavice ali jim priporočile prave hlačke za  'zasukano' obleko z zadrgo Donne Karan? Zakaj ne moremo imeti Armanijevega iluminatorja in parfuma Toma Forda,  sončnih očal Céline in zakaj ni ene torbice, ob kateri bi se ugriznil v ustnico, in niti enega parčka čevljev? In mimo balerink Pretty Ballerinas (ki so jih, če se ne motim, že imeli pri Almiri Sadar) nobene malenkosti, ki bi si jo kupil za spominek? Dolgočasna zasedba italijanskih znamk, ki stanejo ravno toliko, da Zara vsakič zmaga, in Desigual, ki bi jo morali v Ljubljani omejiti kot razmnoževanje golobov. Kje je Topshop z Boutique linijo ali mini vintidž oddelek, majhen nail studio, magari ena Testinova knjiga? To bi bila najbrž že trgovina s konceptom, katerega naj veleblagovnica ne bi premogla. Na koncu smo bile že tri, za zmagovalca smo proglasile Cavallijev pončo, bile presenečene nad izborom slovenskih predstavnikov, se na hitro zatreskale v srajce Nataše Peršuh in izginile v noč, brez ene vrečke, ki bi nam delala družbo.

Monday, 18 October 2010

les fleurs du mal

After seeing the Kane show in February I couldn't wait to rush home and check out the embroidered flowers on my old faithful Miu Miu boots. There was always this ethno factor to them that is so not me, but I have seen something dark, something Kane in them since the beginning. I will do my best and recreate that Kane feeling with them - a transparent American Apparel black shirt will have to do the trick.

Tile škorenjci so bili moj prvi net-a-porter nakup (pa saj ne, da bi jih bilo v vseh teh letih veliko, mislim, da sem kliknila še dvakrat), opravljen prvi dan razprodaj. Na veliki dan, ko sem jih premierno peljala na delovno kosilo z Ellovkami, je imelo neko dekle za šankom enake, ne, ne podobne (in malo bolj uvele), e-n-a-k-e. Tudi to se zgodi sredi Ljubljane.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

on the fast track

photo by Manuel Bauer

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

next year at marienbad

Reading the anniversary British Elle I was just saying how come nobody chose this black and white extravaganza as the most stylish movie of all time. True, nobody asked Mr. Lagerfeld.

Lani v Marienbadu sem gledala na hreščavem platnu Kinoteke. Nič ne bi imela proti déjà vuju. 

PST: Črna črtica na prečki!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

come on chanel

via tfs
While we are waiting for or to upload the Chanel show (god, we have become so impatient, I have read the review but without the pics it is so puzzling) here is the oh so lovely invitation. Nothing camp about it. That's what Chanel stands for; even if you think that the jetty collection is fake it has nothing to do with the power of the double C.

Kar se mene tiče, sta ostali samo še Vuitton in Miu Miu reviji, potem pa je spet konec sezone, čeprav naj bi se začela šele čez pol leta. Še prejšnji teden sva z B čebljali o Jil Sander, Pradi na banani, scuba diving Marniju, CK Versusu, obe pa sva se strinjali, da ko pride Pariz, bova na vse, kar je bilo prej, pozabili. Ker bo gospa Love, ki na Givenchyjevi zabavi poje Gagino romanco, tako zelo potegnila na Madonno in bo treba dvakrat pogledati, ali sem pri Ungaru, ki mu zdaj kraljuje Giles, med manekenkami res ujela gospo dello Russo (preteklo poletje se je med njih infiltrirala gospa Guinness, Giles x Cutler&Gross Scooby očal pa Anna vso sezono ni spravila z nosu). Zdaj pa naj res že naložijo Chanelove fotke, da vidim, s katerim lakom so prav na debelo namazane fufice v tvidu leta 2011.

Monday, 27 September 2010

on my way back to the office

photo by Ekoas
Mr. Ekoas caught me on my dressed-up day, thank you for that and for noticing my cheek bones. Wearing Acne jacket, Oktober dress and tote, Max&Co. clogs.

Čopova ni več varna, zdaj veste. Ko bi pre-fall Marni vzdušje kar trajalo in trajalo.

Monday, 20 September 2010


photo by Fulvio Grissoni
This is the photo from the first apartment I hunted down  for ELLE DEKOR in Trieste and it landed on the cover. One thing I should confess is that I am not really an indoor person, interiors are just a waste of space, right? The words 'I was cheating fashion with furniture' will never come out of this mouth (yes, I am using lines from SATC2). But then again I don't especially like clothes and love writing about/around them. I don't get a rush from watching the shoots of apartments in the magazines. That's probably why The Selby is such a hit, he dirtied up the spaces with people, with lots and lots of stuff, in one word: with living. The same thing happened with style blogs, they took the editorials and the samples out on the streets and again dirtied them up. The place on the photo is something special because it is so undone, a masterwork in progress. Everything is dirty if it's done right.

Rada prespim v mestih, v katere ponavadi samo skočimo. V Trstu, v Zagrebu, v Mariboru. Rada spim naokrog. (Kako umazano to zveni.)

Monday, 6 September 2010

lady of the rings

I spend too much time typing away my days to wear jewellery. You have to make time to wear it, you have to have a life and velvety skin. And I hate the sound it makes when I am wearing it, I think I make it so unmelodic. This ring is crazy, organic, alive, nothing says bite me like a piece of universe on you middle finger. Check out the Billy Bride collection.

Malo sem mačkasta, kar tako, brez alkohola. Res bi rabila eno skalo na roki, ki bi me spravila na tla. Ali bi imela vsakič, ko bi snela ta prstan občutek, da se mi je odvalil kamen s srca?

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

mad ma'am

picture via Jak & Jil
If you have the type of body that they don't make anymore you should also stick to the clothes they don't make anymore aka vintage. Well, this season they are making them again at Prada and Louis Vuitton (so why doesn't the woman cast of Mad Men wear their frocks in real life, why do they go for Zac Posen?). Wouldn't it be great to see Lara and Miranda dance like Joan in the episode The Hobo Code, where she hardly moves but her whole body is in movement? It would be like watching the ocean.

Nova sezona je strašna. Rada gledam Dona, ko se poti. Sprašujem se, ali je morda vendarle človek (če se ne motim, smo v zadnji sezoni lahko videli celo malo trebuščka) in ali bi me to potolažilo ali le še bolj razjezilo. Skoraj ves Cahiers du Cinema je posvečen Mad Man maniji, M* mi potrpežljivo bere/prevaja članke, medtem ko jaz škilim med črke in skušam z zlomljenim znanjem romanskih jezikov dokončevati stavke. Jutri je še en dan, ko se preoblečem v Peggy.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

'cause it's cos

pictures via COS
I've been longing to put something long and deep on my blog for a long time and today with all the rain falling down and me trying to do a vegan parmesan (really, it's been almost four years since I've tasted the real thing, anything can pass as cheese now) is as good as time as any. I have fallen for fall '10 real bad, yes, I am totally over the whole summer deal. It's been great but it's time for some back to work and back to boots parties. The COS campaign has gotten under my skin, I am even ready to forgive them for not having an online shop, but only because of their great magazine and the fact that I will be in London soon enough to take a long and deep look in their mirror.

Že dolgo sem si kos po kos ogledovala COS, ampak šele zdaj, v teh Phoebe-Stella časih, sem pripravljena, da prebrskam bolj izčiščeni del h&m tovarne. Tako ali tako se mi dolgčas zdi najbolj razburljivo obdobje, vse se zgodi takrat, ko se nič ne dogaja. Pozno poleti, v sveži beli srajci, recimo.