Wednesday, 5 September 2012

wood and flowers

pics by DCMU, Wood Wood SS13
My heart turned into wood wood after seeing their SS13 show. It was an answer to what happens when a girl in sneakers grows up. She becomes a woman that still loves the pavement under her feet but isn't afraid to wear an organza flower top while she's doing it. 

Ko je Virginia Woolf napisala prvo poved romana Gospa Dalloway, je najbrž vstala od mize in pobegnila na dolg sprehod. Kako bi sploh lahko kaj dodala? "Gospa Dalloway je rekla, da bo rože kupila sama." Vsi cvetlični potiski od takrat naprej so le še hommage tej najbolj girl power izjavi, naj se tega zavedajo ali ne. Med rožastim in ženskami je zavezništvo, ki nas obvezuje, da ga kupujemo same. Morda pa je Woolfova odpeketala po šopek perunik ali cvetličnega graha.  

Sunday, 26 August 2012

i want to shine like a street light

– Oh, It's too easy, we're already bored. But we leave every party the last, just like before. We're so young in old places, and we have nothing but our young faces. And the world is sick, sick and closed since hundreds of years. (...) Oh, It's so easy in the night. It takes a while for our eyes to adjust to the light. We're so young in the city, our bodies are young and pretty and the world is old, old and freezing cold. (Molly Nilsson)

Stine Goya show was a blast, circus chic at its best with a soundtrack I just can't get out of my body. I am listening to Molly Nilsson, while my hubby listens to John Maus.

Včasih se zgodi, res samo včasih, da ti sredi šova trza celo telo. Mar mi je za pižamice Stine Goya, kar me je pripravilo do hočem! faze, pa je bila glasbena podlaga: Molly Nilsson Whiskey Sour in We're Never Coming Home plus Destiny's Child Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix).

Saturday, 18 August 2012

the bluest of black

photo by 8 and 2, wearing a shirt by Natasa Persuh
Thanks, Ms Fensišmensi for sending me the link to Mr Fujiwara photo of me. If I am not mistaken, it was taken after the Paul Smith AW12 show. Of course I went through his blog 8 and 2 yesterday, you should too. The colors are so alive you feel like you're watching some rare animals in a park, an impressive client list too.

Ne tako mala modra srajca Natasa Persuh je šla z mano točno pol leta kasneje v Kopenhagen. Zopet se je skrivala pod plaščem/trenčem. Ah, ni ji hudega, sedaj je bila že na treh tednih mode: londonskem, kopenhagenskem in ljubljanskem. Samo še na pivo jo moram peljati.

Monday, 13 August 2012

serenity now

At the Designers Remix SS13 show I couldn't get my eyes away from the lady in the front row, later I found out she is the legendary danish fashion journalist Didder Rønlund. I saw her the previous night at the Henrik Vibskov show, too. It was so packed and loud, but she was wearing this serene smile of a connoisseur, feeling right at home. She is 86. Oh, the stories and tips (and Chanels) she could share! 

V avli Kraljevega gledališča nisem pričakovala njenih z osami popikanih ustnic, potem pa kar naenkrat, o, glej, Lindsey Wixson. Danke so tako visokorasle, leponoge in lepoglave, da sem do Lindsey začutila le mini girl crush, ali pa je bila za to kriva njena Designers Remix toaleta.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

lady in pink

I have a By Malene Birger dress that is a few years old but still my favorite black summer dress. It is the definition of breezy elegance so I can wear it on any given day. Of course I use a tiny safety pin to keep the cleavage in place and give it a bit of an I-don't-care feel about it. In Copenhagen I was a little overwhelmed by the number of power women that dress up in MB, so classy, so conservative, but with a pink elephant chair in the room. 

48 ur v Kopenhagnu zveni kot slab Bond (v katerem bi najbrž igral Timothy Dalton, ki je, mimogrede, zame pravi James), a je v resnici soliden scenarij za razburkati teden. Če k temu prišteješ še teden mode in skok v drugi letni čas, tam je čisto prava jesen, saj so še Danke zagrabile plašče, je vse skupaj kot iz filma. Tokrat sem s sabo spakirala fotič. Začnimo ga fensi z By Malene Birger, končali pa ga bomo trashy.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

the summer of rocco

photo by fixinchevys for DCMU, Ivan Rocco shirt, old American Apparel shorts and Cdg wallet
Slovenian designer Ivan Rocco knows how to scream summer! into a shirt. A splash of neon, crystal print and a bit of good-old transparency plus a generous cut. I believe my whole wardrobe was trembling when I  brought home all the Rocco shirts from the capsule collection to prepare for the ELLE shoot. Everything else that was on the hangers was lacking the primal fun element or, as some might say, lust for nightlife. The shirt is not hiding its potential to make a long night out of the slightest opportunity, however I can't help imagining it in an office, teamed with a sharp pencil skirt, with - sorry, guys - no time for after work drinks.

Ko sem serijo srajc Ivan Rocco potegnila na plan, sem najprej nekaj časa strmela vanje, še posebej v ojačane rokave, jih previdno vrtela na obešalniku, mimogrede, vrtijo se odlično, in na koncu poražena zavzdihnila. Videti so bile, kot da bi Ivan zgornje dele šuškavih trenirk pretopil v delikatne srajčke. S svojo lepa-dekleta-ljubijo-barabe držo so mi nemudoma napihnile del srca.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

the power trousers

Céline, Peter Movrin, Stella McCartney
Oh my, do this trousers mean business or what? They are the strongest thing out there, making everything else, even my Margiela coat, look kinda blunt. Get out of here spiky shoulders and come to mama razor sharp trousers! Of course there is still one thing I have to get my mind around to - how are you supposed to walk in them? I am shooting blanks here, but probably stilettos are a must. Combine pointy pumps with extra extra long trousers and it starts to sound painful. It will take a few months weeks to master the moves. Oh, who am I kidding. How would it look with sneakers instead? 

Fotko Peter Movrin hlač, predstavljenih na Radarju, sem nemudoma shranila v telefon, saj so videti tako zelo jaz 2013. Ostra, resna, z nemejebat hojo. Hej, do 2013 imam še šest mesecev, da vse to postanem. Družba Célininih in Stellinih za Resort, ki so preplavila splet šele v teh dneh, jim prav lepo pristoji.